Monday, May 23, 2011

My German trip part 4

Friday 13’th of May

Never, ever travel on a Friday the 13’th!

We got up at 05. Got ready for breakfast at 6.30, left the hotel at 7.10 to jump on the first train 07.31. Our travel planner did a great job so we just followed directions and everything went smooth.….until we arrived to the flight.
At the security check I got a visitation of my body – niiiiice ;)
My sister was brought to a room where they did a TNT test on her shoes *hahaha*
Yeah, we do look like talibans…
The flight in Stuttgart was 30+ minutes late so we didn’t know if we’d make the transit in Zürich. I’m a Christian, and when ever I’m in trouble I use my connection with God to make Him help me. I simply asked Him to make sure we'd make the transit to get to Zürich. After my pray my stress level got down to normal since now it was nothing I could do anymore, it was in the hands of God.

As we landed we had 14 minutes to go to the new gate and to hope it wasn’t closed. And if the luggage was to make it no one knew, the stewardess gave us little hope. We ran and then we got to a security check. I just felt the time running out – but then we had to go on a special lane and the plane actually waited for us!
Thank you God!

Next panic: arriving at Copenhagen airport. 31 minutes to find the luggage deposit (if the luggage even made it), get it and then find our way to the right train.
We ran for 5 minutes just to get to the luggage rail (I have no idea what it is called - but you know what I mean). I thanked God that we made it and gave Him another tough task - to make sure we got our luggage AND made the train. I know that was asking for a lot. With 14 minutes left before the train left FINALLY our luggage showed. Wohooo! We ran like two fat chicks finding out there was free melted cheese ahead. Went around two corners, found an elevator that took us to the right rail - with still 13 minutes to go. Whoa - what a day!!!

But nah, the trouble wasn't over - Murphy's law. Long story short, the train broke down halfway home so we had to change trains, making me miss my transit so I got home to my family, who I longed for, 2 hours later.
But still happy story - I did get home, alive, with all my luggage.
Nedless to say: Thank God!

Now I'm not trying to make anyone a Christian - but I must say I'm amazed about the crazy luck we had!

Saturdays BBQ

After my facial (Exuviance treatment) I went to some friends for a barbeque.
Wanna be my dinner for tonight? The lamb smiles since he knows I'm more of a mooo and oink-person.
My God how cute he was.
Just wanted to fluff him and put him under my head.
 The black sheep of the family..and two lambs ;)
 It's fun with cute animals
 Hi, mummy lamb. See, she's got her eye on my hair...
And NOOO, I didn't have lamb chops for dinner, I had homemade hamburgers, mushrooms, mixed salad and spicy sausage for dinner. Neither contained lambs.
But on the news later there were reports of 3 sheeps being slaughtered brutally by something big with sharp teeth. They thought it was a ha haaaa!