Tuesday, September 6, 2011

M'era Luna festival 2011 - Day 1, part 4

We went to the joy and the jolly of the festival.
My husband was careful with his pale skin and had an umbrella to protect him.
me and my good friend Colin
 Me and band photographer friend Dani
 My lovely friend Sinja. Be amazed - she made that wonderful outfit herself!
I'm just drinking juice people. Juice!
 Ronny, Hanna, me and two chockingly beautiful girls; Mari and Linda
My pretty, pretty friend Hanna sharing some love
 This can possibly be the cutest couple ever spotted, especially the left person <3
 Me and and my sister Jenni (Iva Insane) and one of our favourite Italians; Ryan.
Saying goodbye to wonderful Hanna for the evening.
 Like a scared deer (or dear, if you whish) at X-tra-x.
 I'm looking a bit like a zombie when hooking up with the fun and sweet Monaco, head of X-tra-x.
 And to top it off, a ghostly picture of the Wimmerstedt sisters <3
I still have some pictures photographed by others from Day 1 left before entering Day 2.