Friday, June 10, 2011

Make up crisis!

I'm such a klutz! I broke my blusher! My everyday blusher!
Now I have to survive on the crumbles for 3 weeks...
Every single picture of me from the last 8-10 years is by this color (if I don't wear purple or blue etc.)
Boohoooo...I'm totally heartbroken.
On all following pictures I have Make Up Store's blusher Chic
For many, maaany years I've bought the same blusher when ever in a town that carries Make Up Store (this makes it sound like I live in the far jungle).
I use the color Chic by Make Up Store.
Not many people like to wear as much blush as I do, I'm definately an overdoser when it comes to that.
I love wearing blush since I think it makes me look like a mix between 18'th century people, a doll and a girl in heat ;)
A hot tips for blush is; when you paint it on, make it about 1/3-1/2 more then how you want the result.
Because when you paint on the blusher you agitates the skin underneath and that makes it blush naturally causing it to look as you had enough, but after 10-30 minutes you will hardly notice you painted any on (well, unless you're an overdoser like me).

Recipe: Viola bows (sugar pretzels)

As a young child, innocent and sweet...nah, who am I kidding? Who's story am I trying to tell?
The truth; as a young child, scary and with sociopathic streaks I sometimes were allowed to visit my grandma and grandpa under supervision of a crowd of psychiatrists and doctors standig by with a shoot of anaesthetic if anything should go wrong....again ;)
Everytime I visited my grandma, Viola, she baked these "sugary" pretzels. She was a diabetic so it had no sugar on top and I was not so fond of those plain pretzels back then.
But then I grew up to an innocent and sweet... Again! Wtf, tell the truth you fucking psycho! Okay, okay, I will, stop yelling at me!
But then I grew up to be a happy vampire (-Satisfied? Hmm, well, okay, it is bending the truth a bit on the kind side, but okay, I can settle for that.) and all of I sudden I just grabbed a recipe in my book and you can imagine my surprise when I took the sugary pretzel inbetween my fangs and I got ripped back in time just as if Superman had flown backwards of the earth once again as I landed in my (now deceased) grandma Viola's kitchen and was 7 years old wearing some hideous brown manchester pants and a white turtleneck with a big pretzel stuck between my teeth!
I've found Viola's recipe!
So from this day foward I named them Viola bows and it is a great memory to have of her <3

Viola bows/Sugar Pretzels converter
These will only yeast once
50 grams butter
1,5 dl milk
0,5 dl sugar
25 g yeast
4,25 dl wheat flour

Melt the butter and add milk to it. Heat to 37 degrees Celcius.
Mix in the sugar and yeast. Stir a bit.
Add the flour and knead the dough for 10 minutes in a machine (or by hand).
At once pour it out and cut it to 8 pieces. Make them as 20-30 cm long worms that you swirl like a pretzel (or whatever) on a baking plate. Add a tiny bit of extra flour if you must, but you shouldn't have to.
Put over a towel and let yeast for 30 minutes.
Put oven to 275 degrees Celcius (yes, it's correct - 275!) lower-middle for 5 minutes.
Paint them with water (or melted butter) and dip them in a sugary bowl before serving.

Do you have a memory cake from someone you love? Write down the recipe before they leave this earth is todays hot tips.