Friday, January 7, 2011

Spend 2 hours at the Emergency ward

Still suffering from the complications from my pneumonia, sinusitis and the beginning of an ear infection I had to go on even more medicine, and the day before yesterday my fingers felt fumbling and my arms heavy and my eyes a bit wierd, so yesterday I visited the doctor. He thought it was because of the cortisone I used but to still continue with the antibiotics, so I did.

Today at lunch I got a heavy pain in my heart-area (you know, where my cold, black stone is) and it spread up to my throat and then up to the right side of the face, making it feel a bit numb and strange. My lips was numb too. I had to land my ass in the sofa a while. The pain in my chest continued over a couple of minutes and after a while my sight went a bit odd. I felt like the eyes was a bit slow. It really scared me.
I called the ER and they wanted me to take an ECG, so I went.

The tests didn't show anything, and after 2 hours I told them I wanted to go home, so I had to sign myself out. I have better things to do then hang in the ER all night long..
I feel better now, but I still feel there is something strange going on with my fingers and arms, but as long as it doesn't kill me I don't care. I think it might be a reaction to the medicine, but I'm not sure, and I still have 3 more days left of it...
Of course I've landed a massive castric catarrh after all my time of strong medicine, so now I feel hungry ALL the time - even when I'm eating... I'm totally overeating and will start the year having to loose weight. That sucks!

"Our" song

I got  a question about if me and my husband share a first-night-song.
And yes, we do! It's not our style in music at all.
We were at an electro disco (never seen eachother before), and was waiting and waiting for a slow dance.
This one came on and we both turned, looked at eachother, reached out and just fell into eachothers arms <3 Not a word was spoken! Kind of strange, considering now I can't shut up. I'm guessing he's longing for those quiet minutes again *haha*
The first song we ever danced to was: