Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fresh air at last!

I haven't been out and about since I got sick last Saturday.

Today the last man standing - my pretty husband, got sick as well!

Synthia and Fairlight went to school Friday, but me and TeeBee is still sick and today our nurse/slave/feeder could no longer fight back the bacteria and surrendered so I had to step in, healthy or not.

I, with the nauseous sense, had to make dinner for the kids, tuck them in single-handedly (although easy) and feed the cats even though I should probably stay in bed 2 more days myself.

Killing of the last milk at dinner forced me to run down for a couple of liters to survive tomorrows breakfast with the sweet kids.

Hair have not been washed for almost 2 weeks (!) so I had to go for the criminal look with a hoody to hide the green mess...

(I better explain about the 2 weeks... I just wash my hair once a week, most often on Saturdays, and last Saturday I woke up sick so I missed my day and that makes 2 weeks without a hair wash)