Thursday, August 9, 2012

M'era Luna electro/ Goth festival - packing

My bed is bombarded with my outfits for the electro/ Goth festival in Hildesheim, Germany this weekend.

As you can see - all black this year!
Me and my pretty sister liked our looks from last year - but we felt very strange wearing all ghostly Goth white the first day.
We are "black girls" at heart.

My husband's got this fabulous idea we should start to travel at 03:00 (like in the middle of the night) this year. We usually have a sleep-in morning and don't leave until 04:00...hahaha....

So now I'll have to take an hour powernap since I'll probably won't even go to bed tonight.
And I'm the first driver.

I'm hoping for lots of hugs from anyone who sees me <3

Also - we're having an ice cream dinner today since it's Synthia's 9th birthday today! Just making you jealous! Here's a picture from her morning cake breakfast:

Book to review and making Goth bracelets

A week ago I got this intriguing book with the best title ever - "Goth girls Don't Taste Like Chicken", written by Robert Tomoguchi and illustrated by Kimberlee Traub, for review.
The kids went crazy over the images and I had to hide the book since I didn't want any sneak peak until I've got time to enjoy this gift.
I think I will read you some of it at YouTube.

And I just made two Goth bracelets with the classic slogan "Keep calm and carry garlic", but I didn't copy - i made it in another font and used a different bat :) (Hahaha - not copying, ey Adora...?!)
Copycat copy that!
I'm a Copybat!!!

Synthia's 9th Birthday

Happy birthday sweet Synthia!
Mini birthday cakes for breakfast and a new Monster High.
That's a good start :)