Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Goths mom's baby bats

The kids are all right!
(not to be yelled at: they have just gotten out of the car and is on their way inside -therefore the not so warm outfits. Okay?)

They are so stylish - and I can't take credit since they pick their own outfits.

Today's Goth make up

Since I have a special kind of life, I also celebrate Christmas in a special kind of way; 3 times.

Today it was time for Christmas at my dad and extra mom's house.
Me and my baby BatBrat's shares a cheers with you :)

I got a nice pile of gifts. Wihoo, I'd been nice this year too!

I was eager to rip them up just like I would a fresh torso.

Ahh, how I love those fangs of mine!
Yes, total randomness, but I just do!

As you can see I was very pleased with my gifts.
I got some super products for my hair, stockings with crosses, M.A.C. primer amongst others from my pretty sister (who refused to be seen on a picture together with me even though she looked so perfect it almost hurted my eyes), and a big chunk of money *;)* from my dad and extra mom (straight to the tattoo piggy bank) and lots of other great things. Thank you!!