Saturday, December 3, 2011

Top of my wishlist

Man, I must have been possessed by the soul of a hip-hop star, a crow and a Hollywood wife!
This fixation with shiny, glittered stuff! I'm so embarassed!
I feel like I have a dark secret I need to hide from the rest of the world. Please don't tell anyone!
This was on top of my wishlist today:

Tea-pot Lovely Gold by Little Diva
And I got $ appropriated to go buy it! Wiihooo! Now I can drink tea and chocolate milk with style! But as a goth I will also feel ashamed, as appropriate.

Oh, shit!

I'm kind of new to having a cell phone and noone really have my number since I only use it for blogging and Facebooking.
Since I'm of the old era (the unofficial version) I hate new techniques and innovations.
"-A phone you have with you all of the time, you say? Sounds ridiculous! If I'm not in the house, then I'm out and people just have to call me later."
So, when the damn thing rang earlier, on Friday, I didn't even realize what kind of sound it was! I simply thought it was one of the kids toys! Haha, I'm so blonde sometimes!
Then there came a text.
The SIM card in my phone is my husbands old one so I just figured it was ment to him and simply send the person on it's way with a text referring to my husbands new number.
Then came another text back. I then thought, okay, it's some kind of annoing salesperson?

Then I've been kind of busy with all my birthday parties so I have had no chance to even think about it, until I mentioned to my husband just now I got some strange text the other day; and then - ding-a-ling - my painted eyebrows went even higher.
Is that even possible, one might ask? And yes, it is!
All I can say about it is: "-What!? Hahahaha!"
This makes a lousy story...
I'm just happy I didn't answer the phonecall! Jeeeeez!