Sunday, February 13, 2011

Old picture of the day

Sometimes I stumble over old pictures that I really like. This is one! It's from 2001...many, maaany years before all of those rockabilly chicks (here in Sweden) started to wear rolled up bangs like this. Sometimes I think I'm in a fucking Truman show ;) Just kidding... and I just had my bangs like this because I was afraid to cut it short because of my swirl at the forhead. But now I know a trick!

Montignac Method basics

This upcoming week is my interpretation of the Montignac Method. I started it 10 years ago, so it might be that this method changed slightly over the years.

The method is a low glycemic index (low GI) way of eating, devided into Phase 1 (the weight losing phase) and Phase 2 (stabilisizing the weight. This is where I am now).
It sounds more complicated than it is, I can assure you!

A few things you must buy home to succeed smoothly:
  • dark chocolate with >70% cacao
  • plain nuts (peanuts, almonds, pistachio, hazelnut)
  • headache pills
Why this? When your body all of a sudden gets off the drug (sugar/carbohydrates) your body will get abstinence and react with headache. And the chocolate and nuts is if you used to be a middle-in-the-night-snacker. Then you will at least have something better to eat if you must.

The Montignac concept from his page.

In Phase 1 you will eat things with GI under 35 (I'll guide you through it the best I can).
The Montignac page have a quicky where you can write in the product and you will get the GI at once. Here.

You do NOT have to change your ordinary coocking that much, just adjust it a bit. You are allowed to eat as much as you please and you will loose weight while eating.

As an example: I like to eat spaghetti and mincemeat sauce. In Phase 1 I changed the spaghetti to broccoli/green salad and that was it! My mincedmeat sauce already was "Montignac-safe" containing only minced meat, chopped onions, crushed tomatoes, salt and pepper.
As I reached my weight I simply added some fullgrain spaghetti to the equation and kept the broccoli with the sause.

You should eat (according to Montignac):
fat and fibres
carbohydrates and fibres
carbohydrates and fat together. Not so difficult.

Bollywood make up

Tonight our hosts in our gourmand dinner club "The Bite Club" had Bollywood as a theme, so as the good guest I am I tried to do my best with the things I had at home :)
I am nowhere near the beauty of those Indian women, but I still felt very beautiful. Ever since I was a child I have loved those wonderful India-women with their jewels and make up. I think we have all admired them...
 I was even more brown in real life, the picture didn't make it justice

And yeah, the food was sooo amazing. My belly is more of a balloon now, filled with lots of dishes I can't pronounce :)