Monday, August 16, 2010

My Day 1 make up at M'era Luna festival
Done! I was some kind of reindeer ballerina princess I guess...
My Day 2 make up at M'era Luna festival. I had V-bangs Day 1. See?
I was ehh..perhaps a doll? My fav part is the pet bat attached to my crown.
With my pretty German friend Sinja.
I sometimes get asked if I use skin bleaching products, like Porcelain skin. But I don't.
This made me think that perhaps I should... I do really like to be pale.
Have anyone here tried any skin bleaching products?
I think I will not use it since it's probably not good for you, but I can't help but being intrigued.
I'll just continue to be pale by the help of make up I guess..