Monday, June 4, 2012

BatBrat official webshop - Victorian collar

I'm so exited!
My first designed item ever is out for sale. 2 years ago I would never have thought.
And of course I will add a close up of the make up for those who is interested.
The lenses are the same I had on a shoot with the biggest Goth store in Germany, X-tra-x, Green Tornado.
Picture HERE.
I made myself a "Victorian Collar" years ago, not thinking so much about the design but I needed something to cover my neck and shoulders from the burning sun whenever I didn't wanna carry around an umbrella.
I have used my collars A LOT over the years- but never came to think someone else like me would want one too?!
But my mentor, S, belived in me and helped me on my path to get people to the dark side via clothing.
I like the way he thought! Thank's S <3

And since I'm a crafter and re-doer myself, nothing would please me more than having the buyers customize their collars to make them their own. I think of the collars as a base :)

BatBrat official webshop - Victorian collar

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They are too lovely <3
I think the POISON topper is super cute. Brilliant!