Friday, September 14, 2012

"A" is for Adora

You know when you sometimes to things you know you will be frowned upon doing but still you do?
I just did that.

Whenever I see somehing with a big "A" on it I want to own it. 
I have a couple of shirts and a jogging jacket (like I ever jogg) with my letter.
Now I found this:
Kuddfodral 40x40

Kuddfodral 40x40 - från H&M
Ett kuddfodral i fröskalsbomull med tryckt motiv på framsidan. Dold dragkedja nedtill.
Of course of no matter, but it's a big "A" on it, and I wanted it. So now it's on the way over here.
Bit too small, only 40x40 cm and not white-white, but it was so cuuuuuuute!
When my husband sees it it will be like "-More pillows?!" *blushing in shame*
A goth girl can't help it....

Adora BatBrat postcard

This might sound odd, but ever so often I get mails from sweet boyfriends who wanna make their goth girlfriends have a different kind of gifts.
They want me to send a postcard to their loved one.
Unfortunately I never have the time to do this, and if I did I would be ruined, but I think it is so sweet of them to think a little message from me can make their pretty girls happy!

So, in order to help those sweet goth boys to be able to do this romantic act I now added a postcard to the webshop where you can add your own message, and I will write it and post it to who ever you want.
Adora BatBrat postcard can be bought at
I just love this picture of me modelling Nox Hyde wolf ears, and I think the thought bubble was cute too (see, I always boost myself)!