Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Soap in my eye

4 out of 5 people are in horizontal  position because of the Winter puke disease here. Only my husband is still amongst the living and we treat him like Cinderella.

-Do this, get that, bring me this,make me...

In an attempt to be nice back I decided to clean out the wash bin. In my half sedated state of sickness I, as I closed the lid, accidentally got a big drop of soap straight into my left eye.

The pain was unbelievable!

I felt like Frankenstein being attacked by a thousand toothpicks set on fire straight to the eye. Like in slow motion I could hear myself roar and fighting my way to the water.

Like in a bad blackheads commercial I splashed my face with water from different angles but nothing helped.

In the mirror a deranged womans red eye stared back at me. Wild look and a small tear slowly showing because of the pain.

Poor me for being so clumsy.

This happened at 10 this morning, more than 12 hours ago - and it still hurts!

But it would have been worse if my eye started to foam up every time I blinked! 

Imagine that Goth Disney cartoon!