Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Unknown facts about me

Many, maaaaany years ago I did a cover of a magazine together with Dee Snider from Twisted Sister .
The shoot was originally supposed to be with Alice Cooper, but he was a bit late and I had to leave early so I couldn't wait for him (what a diva!). But the nice mr Dee Snider was in handy instead.

I've been a "synthare" (the closest translation is electro goth) since the age of 12, and in Sweden there was a big "war" between hardrockers and synthare.
We only liked synthetic sounds made by computers. Our house Gods by the time were Alphaville, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb.
Guitars and real drums were strictly forbidden.
I've seen half of the audince leave when electro-bands played live in Sweden and all of a sudden brought in a guitarr on stage!
So for ME to do a shoot with one of the most hardrocker there is was an inner fight!
On one hand - really cool to even be close to this legend (yes, I've seen their early videos and heard their guitar based music) and on the other hand - this man is the father of my sworn enemies...
I still have very mixed feelings when seeing this :)
But I have to tell you - he had a great personality! Very warm and easy going...but still, that can't convert my cold, cadenced electro heart <3