Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun tales of London - The Ghost

Chapter 2.
I finally arrived at my sisters apartment. It's a beautiful flat, but you can feel you don't wanna be there.
I know from before the hole damn building is haunted, and my sister have told me maaaaany scary stories about the evil ghosts in her flat. I can sure sense them!

Before bedtime she told me it happened something 1½ weeks before.
She woke up and there was a man standing between her bed and the sofa I'm about to sleep in. She got sleep paralysis (you are awake, but the body is shut down for sleep). Eventually the man faded away. She couldn't tell if he was evil or not, but she got really scared.

I'm used to lots of ghosts too and also have had sleep paralysis a couple of times so I knew what she was talking about... but I told my ghosts and spirits when I was 22 to stay away because they scared me even though they seemed nice. Since then I haven't met any (well, a warm hand on my shoulder when being at home alone doing my make up or so, but nothing scary).

We went to sleep, me in the sofa. I felt a bit worried about the ghost story and it took me a while to relax and close my eyes. Jenny went to sleep.
As I closed my eyes I saw something inside my eyes. It scared and worried me, but I thought it was because of all the ghost-talk before. I blinked it away and went to sleep.
I can tell you - it was something to worry about. This story continued 3 days later....