Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poor Porsche

With the risk of sounding like an old cat woman I took Porsche to the vet today. He's got some...ehh..poo problems, it's a bit too squashy. So he had to take a blood test.
Oh wow, he screamed like a monster! Fairlight started crying because she was so afraid he got hurt.
All of a sudden he got loose of the grip and knocked out some of the blood so it got all over the room, as well as in the vet's face! It looked like a scene from CSI when we left! (and my blood instinkt made me crazy, even though it wasn't human *haha*)
Poor Porsche with his bandage
But as soon as they were done he was back to his cuddly self again.
Tomorrow I will have the honour to scoop up some of his poo, put in in my bag and drive to the veterinary station. What a treat that willl be!

Montignac Method rules

There are a few technical details I leave out because it will make my writing like a whole damn book otherwise. I just give you the contents, and some small explanations.
  1. Always eat a fresh fruit 20 minutes before every meal (again - as much as you like). I have a 1/4 of a Fuji apple (they are BIG). Example: apple, pear, orange, kiwi, mango, most berries etc.
    This is for every breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    WHY? If you eat the fruit before food you will avoid getting that low blood sugar you get when your body is all focused on processing the new food after eating, and will not give you the urge to have something sweet afterwards. Know the feeling? A very smart idea if you easy get headaches because of low blood sugar.

And yes, I only eat them because they are pink :)

Adora BatBrat's Valentine's Day crafting

Today I made a new crafts video - Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you feel massive LOVE <3