Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spider hairclip

I'm no super fan of spiders - living ones, but my goth mind is intrigued by them so when ever I can find cool spiders to use as decorations on me I buy them. So far I only have super-glitter spiders.
I really suck at being a cool been-there-done-that kind of goth, I'm just too perky and get easily distracted by shiny things... This makes me feel embarassed, but I try to act like I'm cool anyway, and hopefully noone will see through my un-coolness. I just can't shake that glitz mind of mine. I'm like a raven! Collecting shiny objects..

But today I stumbled over this fantastic hairclip! It appeals to me big time. It's from Beserk clothing, Australia, for $8.90AUD. It's 2 1/2" by 2" in size. Much classier than those plastic ones I put in my hair..
This will make it to my Christmas list this year, Santa. Okay?

I'm letting my brain work

Yesterday I got the pattern for the Adorable Heart blouse delivered by D. It looks smashing - but so difficult! Normally I wouldn't mind, since I'm not doing the sewing - but now my seamstresses want's a copy of the blouse made with the real pattern so I have to make one! Help!
Also I will make a description of how's it made. I have 3 hours to do it...
Cut, cut, sew, sew, untack, untack, sew, sew....
This is made after the old pattern