Monday, April 30, 2012

Crafting: Blue chair

I just finished the stuffed seating.

Man, that's some hard work I just did! My arms are like over cooked Italian spaghetti right now after all that pulling and hammering.

IF there is a real tapestry maker out there - yes, I know I should have used more nails to make the surface smoother, but I figured I won't need this piece to last a human life length, I'm happy if it lasts 3 years.

Now I will join my family and a few other family's for some sausage grilling! My arms needs a rest anyway..

Crafting: Blue chair

Finally the work continues with TeeBee's blue chair.

I almost puked when I removed the old fabric and filling. Gahh, so much disgust.

Being a bit short on foam and ordinary filling I simply cut up a cheap bed blanket and added a shamefully cheap pillow from IKEA to make the seat a bit more cosy.

Now time for the base fabric before I add the blue one.