Saturday, July 2, 2011


The pale bunch of you (wanting to look like a dusty vampire like I); what base, foundation and powder is the best according to you?
I use:
  • ♥ Boots No 7 Beauty Serum (to soften the skin)
    I need things for my age, and this reduce my pores and wrinkles. I get a good effect from it.

    ♥ L'Oréal True Match C1 Rose Ivory mixed with Kryolan Ultra fluid Foundation TV White Art. 9130
    ♥ Kryolan Ultrafoundation TV White 2 (sometimes mixed with TV White). Ultrafoundation can feel a bit thick but it's got the full coverage I like; as do the L'Oréal and Kryolan mix.

    ♥ IsaDora powder 10 (transparent)

    ♥ Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder, transparent Art.5705

    (♥ Sometimes StarGazer White powder, but I am not super-pleased with it)
I'm always on the lookout for a new, better foundation (although I'm pleased with the ones above).
I like really rich covering foundation with little maintainance during the day. The Kryolan I use only needs a few extra powder puffs during the day to make me look matte.

Bombard me with better base/foundations/powders, please!
Illamasqua, M.A.C.? Never tried either.

V-log: On my way to get a HUGE ice cream

Can you see the ice cream glint in my eyes?