Sunday, March 13, 2011

Todays outfit

My hair is freshly bleached, and I have to go like this for a week before I have the time to color it in a new color. I hate being "just white" again. Yeah, the color came out alright, but I feel sooooo boring.
Dress and shoes H&M, belt Vero Moda, big bow Sonia Rykiel, stockings from X-tra-x
And why the hell do I wear so little make up? Easy answer, I'm shooting later, and am not sure on how to look.
And I better answer this before all the questions comes: I used Jane Hellen Ultrablond (bleaches 6 nuances), and then I added a dash of Violet and a dash of Silver to my conditioner to get rid of the yellow stick.
I now have a perfect color to make any color come out perfectly. Now it's time to choose one. I will go for a new color this time :)