Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nail me

Looking down on my AWFUL, AWFUL haggardly purple nailpolish I tell myself I need to shape up!
Before the kids I re-painted my nails every third day, always looking good. But now? Oh, holy mother, I'm embarassed! I paint them at the most once a week. And I do have the 45 second-to-dry I can't put the blame on the time.
"-No, sorry, my day is over now. 45 seconds is something I don't have."

But this week Bàrbara Valls Garcia send me a tip on this cool device. I feel like I've lived under a rock for not knowing - I guess everyone is doing this but me!(?)

Now I must go out and find me this fantastic device so I can have the coolest bad-ass nails there is!
And to think I have just hand painted my hearts and crosses before. Mo-ha ha ha, the world is at my feet now! I will be a God as soon as I can get my hands on that thing ;)
Here's some inspiration:
and to get a good laugh. I adore theese little monsters - so inventive!
Can we all make a deal - and paint nice crosses until Friday? That will kick my ass out of the waggon!


  1. PLEAS tell me/us where we can get one if you find it! :O

    I wonder if it is hard to make your own stamp-patterns.. hm. :)

  2. Hi Adora! You are quite the inspiration, I make goth clothes and accessories and here's something inspired by you, if you ever have the time and curiosity to check it out:)

    Kisses from Romania :*

  3. Some of those nails are amazing! But the girl speaking at the commercial has a weird spanish accent... it's like she was asian or something O.o

  4. Hello, Love.
    You can buy them here at

  5. The ones that look lacy are wicked sweet!

  6. I want that 0_0 I want to have nails with a cobweb or a coffin! :D you find the most awsome things Adora <3

  7. You can get the stamper set from . They have a double ended stamper set.
    I recommend you watch videos by sayanythingbrooke on youtube coz she has some really good instructions about it. Also it's heavily recommended that you use the special polish for the stamping. Chrome finish polishes work too. :3

  8. I remember when I saw these at a county fair. I should have bought them when I had the chance!

    You can get the one in the video from the Konad Website -

    I wonder if there is a place to get them without having to buy online.

  9. I love this! ireally like the plaid nails! <3

  10. WOOOW so COOL! Living under a rock indeed... why hasn't anyone told about this befoooore? I'm glad You did! This Is like the best thing in awhile!! so were do we find these at???

  11. the brown monster is the Japanese Domo-kun ;)

    i made those domo-kun nailsmy self fornot so long ago :D

  12. Hei Adora!

    i can't belive, i just found out that you posted my picture!!!it's the last one, nails with corset, i'm holding white silk fabrick in my hands!!!i really love you like it!!!