Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Todays make up was not ment to be seen

I figured I'd just be home sewing today, and lazy as I was I kind of scaled down the make up.
Always a mistake!

Soon I got a phonecall from the museum where my clothes been on exhibit asking me if I could come and help with the "demolition"? And so I jumped into my car and got it. I've missed my clothes!

I can admit here I felt a bit embarrassed letting people seeing me like this...

Worst part was probably the lipstick. It's the kids lipstick, and I've been dying to try it out, and since no one was supposed to see me today I figured it was a good day for a tryout.
I was clearly wrong.

The other picture is of me from Saturday, a look much more familiar and comfortable.

This was a weird day!


  1. You have creations in a museum? tell us about that.

    A Strangeness in me Blog.

  2. you're awesome!


  3. Doesn't it just figure that happens...You can't let your guard down for a minute can you? Well you look amazing anyways so no harm done.