Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spotted on - goth collars

Sponsor new designers!
Today on you can buy these unique collars from dedicated designers.
I only present the ones that's my style, just because I can. I'm like Russia, I tell you what you can and can't like and is withholding you the things that I decide is bad for you.
A luxuriuos collar from TianaCHE, $240
a less expensive version from LiquidRedDesign, $39.99

beautiful ruffle neck shrug from Bustle, $58
collar necklace from MadamGeorge, $22
velvet capelet from NevesMulysa, $103.76
leather choker from Mydungeongear, $12

slimmer and more expensive from VEKZAR, $15
a wonderful choker from StripesTrunkShow, $60

with crosses from Zentity, $31,62


  1. the girl in photo number 7 down, she is Lumi (sugarpill cosmetics have a colour named after her). she is so beautiful! lovely chokers everywhere x

  2. OOOOOooooo the luxurius collar is sooooo kute!!! one day whwn I become reach, I will bought it!!! ♥☻♥

  3. Lumi is very cute and that first collar is Sensational.

  4. I absolutely love the ruffle neck shrug :)