Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween 2011: Fast decor

The wicked witch of the.... crushed on the floor.

I've seen many wonderful versions of this - all better than mine, but I'm in a hurry!

Stockings of choise, I like striped.

A pair of shoes.

A pair of buckles on a stretch band.

Filling (a real chopped of leg/shirt/pillow filling, towel...)

I filled mine with newspaper (that's why she's got so ugly legs).

Put the parts together and squeeze them under something to make it look like she got smashed!

I cut out a puddle of blood in red paper.Dark red velvet would have been better but I was out of stock.

I've seen people who dressed their table "legs" in stockings and put a shoe at the end. That's super cool!

In Sweden we don't celebrate Halloween like in US for example.  Often we just put a light on lost loved ones graves and had a bit of still evening.

But people here are catching up and we start to have Halloween parties a bit more like in the US, but it is still a bit "new".

Me and my friends have celebrated, or at least had scary masquerades for about 20 years, but it was not common back then and people looked very strange at us when we went out like scary clowns, ninjas,Death, Wednesday Addams, zombies,vampires and mummys. They stared more then usual *haha*

This year I will not attend a real Halloween party, just TeeBee 's Halloween Birthday party. But I'll try to make it cool.


  1. pretty cool, lady adora ♥

    i'd love to try it out myself, but i'm afraid i haven't got enough space in my room ;(

  2. No Adora... Here in Sweden we don't celebrate Halloween by putting candles on our lost ones graves?! That is "All helgona"... NEXT weekend. NOT the same thing. halloween is a US-tradition, All Helgona is NOT.

  3. Here in Canada, Halloween is just wild! Parties everywhere, and a LOT of Trick or Treating (not sure if they do that in Sweden). I just adore Halloween <3

  4. we don't celebrate halloween here in Australia much either. In fact, a ton of people i know don't even know how halloween starrted and slam doors in trick-or-treaters faces. it's a shame. i'd love to take my little sister trick-or-treating, but it ain't gonna happen. the nearest halloween store is over an hour away, and i am under the legal age to drive. dang. Oh, and your Wicked Witches legs are awesome!