Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fairlight's usual blood test

Approximately every 3-6 weeks Fairlight have a blood test to make sure her disease JDM, Juvenile Dermatomyotis, is under control.

Today it became a sweet blood bath :) She was a trooper as usual and smiled through the while thing.

Now we are waiting for her to get her weekly Metotrexat (a cellular poison. Not sure how to explain it.)


  1. I don't think your children really belong on the internet... this has bothered me for a long time... I mean they are really cute, but there ARE creepy people out there after all and you present your little girls with lipstick and short skirts?
    I really dont think it's appropriate.

  2. wow. judge much?

    i don't really think it's your place to tell someone what they should, and should not do, with their children.

    these kids are obviously VERY loved and cared for. that should be your only concern.

  3. "you present your little girls with lipstick and short skirts?"
    That sentence is an absurd!!
    Do you are an alternative people? How can you think so conservative? How can you have a soooo overpast thinking?

    I also don´t think it's your place to tell someone what they should, or should not do with their children! It´s all about education! (and freedom!)

    And plus, have you already thought that kids that live in tropical countries always use short skirt? It´s about culture, education, not only about what is appropriate or not.

  4. Her daughter does not have a short skirt on in this photo.... Some people are crazy and bored and will say anything on the internet to get attention wont they?? :)))))) Adora I follow you and think your an awesome person ROCK ON !!!!!!!!! :D

  5. Tråkigt att hon är sjuk =/ Tar oxå metothrexate, vilket inte är allt för kul alltid, hoppas hon inte har för mkt problem av det! =)

    Och btw.. älskar din blogg, du är awesome! :D

  6. She is such a beautiful girl! And to the person who is talking about short skirts and crap, wtf, she has on tights, her legs are covered! And I think the dress just looks short because she is sitting down. I mean when I was a little girl I wore dresses all the time and they were about that length. I mean you're pretty much just saying she is dressed inappropriately, whether she has pics on the internet or not doesn't matter.

  7. Wow, too the first poster, just wow. Either you yourself have a bit of a pedophilia problem (for even thinking like that in the first place) or you're an over-conservative, pushing-your-opinion-on-others, imbecile. Take your pick.

    ANYWAY, poor Fairlight!
    She's such a courageous little girl! I know most adults would be throwing a fit about being poked or about seeing blood.

  8. I Agree, she has tights on!!! Nothing can be seen, and she looks absolutely adorable! The poor lil girl is at the Dr. office getting blood work and your worried about a skirt and make-up? WOW!

  9. Oh, I know-you have to be against everything other people say.. Maybe you´ll be grown up one day and have kids yourself.. Naaah, can´t believe it.. Hello?! knockknock She is a little girl-and yes, she is strong and has to go to the doctor because of bloodwork.. But-there aren´t any tights which are going to keep a psychopath away.. Welcome to the real world...!

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  11. Wow, lol. Leave her alone. Her image being online of her in tights and a dress is no more dangerous than her going to school in the same outfit.

  12. wow! thats so retarded shes doing no harm to her little ones haha adora better put them in sweats n turtle necks!lol seriously its not like theres no tights on them and trust me ive seen way worse on little girls i love the way she dresses her little ones! anonymous if this has been bothering you for a long time i think you got problems go read a book n chill out haha people you gotta love them!